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Alexandra Le Cann: A Fetish World

by Jorge Gonzalez / September 1 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, dominatrix and masochists, voyeurists and exhibitionists, trannies and queers from all around the world gather around to meet the one and only FraiseVinyl, let your perversions run wild.

A lexandra Le Cann is a French performer seeking to challenge the way sexuality is viewed by society. Her performance has evolved to a unique show, a hybrid between artistic performance and burlesque. The kinky genius of Alexandra traces back to her childhood, she was born to an ultra-religious father and grew up in a house where sexuality was taboo, and God was often a chastity overseer. Her head was ignited with the curiosity only the forbidden can kindle. Alexandra describes herself as a hyper sexual person, sexuality has fascinated her throughout her life, though only in her late adolescence she discovered her feminine side. Alexandra started writing erotic poems that she kept secret from her family, as she became more and more entangled in the world of eroticism, she felt the need to confess her passion to her mother. Her artistic coming out coincided with her first performance, to which she invited her mother and step-father not without giving them a solemn warning that there would be nudity.

Her early shows were inspired by a dream like world, where people could let their inner child take control once again.There is a constant battle between what we desire and what society demands, a battle we often lose or are too scared to fight. But our inner child is not judged nor scared, instead we can find freedom and acceptance through it. “Grown-ups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to always and forever explaining things to them.” The Little Prince.

I’ve been poor for four years, but there is no shame in that. I’m surviving with four hundred dollars a month, it’s the best diet. Two years ago I lost half of my hair because I didn’t eat enough. I can’t go out, I can’t go to restaurants or parties because I just don’t have the money to pay for. I survive by making costumes but I am happy, I do what I love.”

- Alexandra Le Cann

Despite being well known in France and having a production of over 50 people, Alexandra decided to turn down everything and go to Korea. She had been enthralled by the hyper aesthetic of Park Chan-wook films and Korean traditional dance and music. She wanted to travel and it was now or never for her. In the matter of a month, Alexandra Le Cann left everything behind and departed on her new adventure. The first year wasn’t easy, and it was often disappointing, she found a homogeneous society where people where too afraid to be different. After almost a year without being able to produce any creative work, one of the students from the institute she worked as an art class model approached her and told her about a burlesque group in Seoul. She had never done burlesque but it was an incredible finding in the then dull Seoul. Immediately Alexandra contacted them and start performing right away under her new stage name Strawberry Cherie. She was finally being able to express herself and also had some creative input in the show. On the other hand, some of her Korean friends started to come out to her. Alexandra has always being a LGTBQ activist, and it was a much needed sign, she was inspiring people around her.

After 2 years of performing with the Seoul burlesque group, it was time to move on. Alexandra started her solitary career, despite a rocky begging things are looking great for her. Today she performs mainly in Japan and her nimble fingers sew some of the most dazzling costumes. Alexandra has mastered eroticism, she has learned that she can say with her body what her mouth conceals and pries between the vague space between fascination and angst.

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