Hae Jun | Editorial Photoshoot in the Heart of Seoul

Haejun, born and raised in South Korea, knew he was different from a very young age. He loved dolls, wearing women’s clothing and putting on makeup. He remembers with a melancholy look his years in high school and the painful hardships he endured for being “different” to the strictly homogeneous Korean society. His love and passion for dance helped him in his moments of despair, and he uses his profound talent for teaching and performing regularly in Seoul. In Jorge Gonzalez's editorial photoshoot with Haejun, he strived to capture the nostalgia that comes from visiting one's hometown after many years away. 


Marshall Bang | Singer Songwriter Editorial Photoshoot

Marshall, a Korean American Singer, first arrived in Korea as a participant in a singing competition. The experience led him to his current career in music. He recently made the bold decision to come out of the closet after keeping the secret from even his closest friends. His friends and family have embraced and supported him during his transition into transparency. Marshall is an inspiration and role model for all Korean youth who are internally struggling with feelings of duality. He has given a voice to them and the confidence to be true to themselves. Jorge Gonzalez's goal with these editorial photos was to portray Marshall as a strong, confident and fiercely talented above all, human, making waves in the music industry. 


Alexandra Le Cann | Editorial Photoshoot with French Performance Artist

Alexandra Le Cann, or Fraise Vanille onstage, is a performance artist, burlesque dancer, and costume designer. Offstage she is down to earth and woos everyone who meets her with her brilliant personality that shines brighter than her beautiful new costume line Maison Chardon. After living and working in Seoul for over 5 years, Alexandra is moving to Japan to advance her career. Jorge Gonzalez Photography took these dramatic editorial photos to highlight her as a performance artist. Stay tuned for her stunning costumes and shows coming to Tokyo. 


Ryu Si-Hyeong | Editorial Photoshoot

Ryu Si-Hyeong has traveled the world bringing over 33 countries the taste of South Korea, Kimchi. Following the success of his Kimchi Bus tours around the world, he decided to situate himself in Seoul, South Korea offering Kimchi tacos, and other Korean infused foods from his food truck. He continues to be massively successful to both Koreans and foreigners looking for a little spice  to vamp up their foodie experience. Jorge Gonzalez aimed to show a different side of Ryu Si-Hyeong in these very sophisticated and edgy editorial photographs.