Max DiNatale | Downtown Greenville Fashion Photoshoot

Last weekend we headed to downtown Greenville with Max DiNatale and Orion Yorke. We had met Max through the very popular Pickle The Pig instagram account, which if you don't follow already, you definitely should. Max is a media buyer at an advertising agency during the day but loves modeling. He has modeled for many companies from local clothing stores to international companies like Verizon and Delta. When he isn't modeling, he loves watching films, from classic, horror to modern he loves it all.  


We teamed up with Orion Yorke who is one of the hottest young guns in town to bring you this video. We met Orion by chance, and I am so inspired by his talent. I can't wait to share with everyone our future collaborations. Check out his Youtube Channel.

Deanne Nguyen | Fashion Photoshoot

"There is the person in the mirror and then there is more. I was asked to explore the more, to draw out the glamour and unsheathe my feathers, the lack of which lately friends have wondered about, but not pursued. It is rare to have someone who believes in your essence more than you do, more so to render it in your liking. That is the work of Jorge Gonzalez."

Deanne Nguyen