Paula Rallis | Fashion Photoshoot

“My love for design started at an early age, fabric shopping with my mom and grandmother.  I was seven, and was dead set that one shade of green over another would work better with our decor.  They disagreed, but when we arrived home with swatches, who was right? Moi.  I was hooked from that moment on.  You could say that it runs in my veins - my grandmother, French born, started out designing store windows before she moved to America.  At the age of 81, she just designed her last home - start to finish.  Her taste and creativity was passed along, as well as her strong opinions (she was never scared to tell me that an ensemble just didn’t work.) 

Art direction always had a solid place in my heart, but I had never taken the jump until I was 25.  I didn’t have a passion for what I was doing, so I moved home to start The Scout Guide Greenville - a high end lifestyle magazine.  Everything I had ever loved was now combined into one - fashion, design, art direction, and writing.  

But my creative outlet was not complete. In comes, a fashion and lifestyle blog -  a place where I can curate my own style, putting together a look that hasn’t been worn by everyone in our small, but ever-growing Southern town.  I love getting women out of their box and showing them that a look doesn’t have to be mainstream to be acceptable.  On the blog you’ll also find the food that I’m allowed to eat (I’m allergic to everything), travel, interiors, and the occasional house-flip when I jump in to help the hubs.  I couldn’t do any of this without his support and love, pushing me to my creative limits every day.  Follow us on Snapchat for a peek into our hectic lives - @paularallis.  Cheers, Greenville.  We love ya. xx, P"