TJ Breil | Editorial Photoshoot With Greenville's Woodworker

"Woodworking is not only a full time hobby, but a passion for me. I started about 3 years ago in the basement of my friend’s shop making my very first baseball bat on his lathe. From that, it turned into rolling pins, bowls, cutting boards and anything else my family wanted for Christmas. I then moved on to start my very own woodworking company, Slab Woodworking, along with a few good friends who are vital to its operation. We have developed our own individual style and unique way of doing things— what other wood shop owner makes deliveries in a ’78 VW Bus.

Anyone can make a cutting board or rolling pin, but you can’t make it Slab quality. A New York, NY chef once told me, “you have the Brooklyn style, without the prices of a Brooklyn woodworker”. I laughed and mentioned the price increase on the cutting board she just bought. I take pride in everything that goes out our door or in the mail. You can find Slab products in a shops spanning from Greenville to Charleston, or on our website."

TJ Breil