Paula Rallis | Fashion Photoshoot

“My love for design started at an early age, fabric shopping with my mom and grandmother.  I was seven, and was dead set that one shade of green over another would work better with our decor.  They disagreed, but when we arrived home with swatches, who was right? Moi.  I was hooked from that moment on.  You could say that it runs in my veins - my grandmother, French born, started out designing store windows before she moved to America.  At the age of 81, she just designed her last home - start to finish.  Her taste and creativity was passed along, as well as her strong opinions (she was never scared to tell me that an ensemble just didn’t work.) 

Art direction always had a solid place in my heart, but I had never taken the jump until I was 25.  I didn’t have a passion for what I was doing, so I moved home to start The Scout Guide Greenville - a high end lifestyle magazine.  Everything I had ever loved was now combined into one - fashion, design, art direction, and writing.  

But my creative outlet was not complete. In comes, a fashion and lifestyle blog -  a place where I can curate my own style, putting together a look that hasn’t been worn by everyone in our small, but ever-growing Southern town.  I love getting women out of their box and showing them that a look doesn’t have to be mainstream to be acceptable.  On the blog you’ll also find the food that I’m allowed to eat (I’m allergic to everything), travel, interiors, and the occasional house-flip when I jump in to help the hubs.  I couldn’t do any of this without his support and love, pushing me to my creative limits every day.  Follow us on Snapchat for a peek into our hectic lives - @paularallis.  Cheers, Greenville.  We love ya. xx, P"

Megan Afshar | Photoshoot in Falls Park

"Living the first 26-years of my life in Los Angeles, I never thought I would live in a small city. But three years ago, when I first walked down Main St, I knew that Greenville was to become my forever home. With the decision to branch out and start my own Chiropractic practice, the world was my oyster and I just needed to find a city.  Not only is Greenville beautiful, vibrant, and innovative, it is full of health-conscious individuals who are taking their well being to a new level. That was the cherry on top! My ultimate passion is health education and my long-term goal is to see the health thumb print of Greenville change."

Megan Afshar


TJ Breil | Editorial Photoshoot With Greenville's Woodworker

"Woodworking is not only a full time hobby, but a passion for me. I started about 3 years ago in the basement of my friend’s shop making my very first baseball bat on his lathe. From that, it turned into rolling pins, bowls, cutting boards and anything else my family wanted for Christmas. I then moved on to start my very own woodworking company, Slab Woodworking, along with a few good friends who are vital to its operation. We have developed our own individual style and unique way of doing things— what other wood shop owner makes deliveries in a ’78 VW Bus.

Anyone can make a cutting board or rolling pin, but you can’t make it Slab quality. A New York, NY chef once told me, “you have the Brooklyn style, without the prices of a Brooklyn woodworker”. I laughed and mentioned the price increase on the cutting board she just bought. I take pride in everything that goes out our door or in the mail. You can find Slab products in a shops spanning from Greenville to Charleston, or on our website."

TJ Breil


Ryan Heafy | Greenville's Leadership

Ryan, a Connecticut native, is an engineer by degree having started his career at Sikorsky Aircraft in the Fortune 500 corporate ecosystem, but has since pivoted to the entreprenurial lifestyle.  In January, 2012 he took a leap of faith, and moved to Greenville to join the leadership team at ADEX Machining Technologies, leaving behind everyone and everything he knew. He quickly became emersed in Greenville, networking his way through as many organizations as possible and growing a huge passion for workforce and economic development.


In 2015, when ADEX was positioned for private equity acquisition, Ryan exited the company and began driving iMAGINE Upstate, a program and downtown festival designed to inspire students about workforce opportunities through STEM education. This was just the starting point for several entrepreneurial ventures for Ryan, as he is now positioning himself as a millennial thought leader in Greenville, seeking the next catalyst project that will build off of our successes. He is excited about Greenville’s future as a smart and sustainable city, and he is always looking to bridge the gap between organizations, generations, and communities; to bring together individuals that can get things done.


Max DiNatale | Downtown Greenville Fashion Photoshoot

Last weekend we headed to downtown Greenville with Max DiNatale and Orion Yorke. We had met Max through the very popular Pickle The Pig instagram account, which if you don't follow already, you definitely should. Max is a media buyer at an advertising agency during the day but loves modeling. He has modeled for many companies from local clothing stores to international companies like Verizon and Delta. When he isn't modeling, he loves watching films, from classic, horror to modern he loves it all.  


We teamed up with Orion Yorke who is one of the hottest young guns in town to bring you this video. We met Orion by chance, and I am so inspired by his talent. I can't wait to share with everyone our future collaborations. Check out his Youtube Channel.

Deanne Nguyen | Fashion Photoshoot

"There is the person in the mirror and then there is more. I was asked to explore the more, to draw out the glamour and unsheathe my feathers, the lack of which lately friends have wondered about, but not pursued. It is rare to have someone who believes in your essence more than you do, more so to render it in your liking. That is the work of Jorge Gonzalez."

Deanne Nguyen


Lucy Nordlinger | Representational Painter Editorial Photoshoot

Lucy Nordlinger is a representational painter, living and working in Greenville, SC. Her figurative work pieces together languid, dream-like moments; the familiar and the forgotten. They are genre paintings veiled in a sense of unease, a voyeurism. She paints haphazardly at home in her kitchen-turned-studio, usually working on several paintings at a time.

Jorge Gonzalez and Lucy are collaborating on some images that are going to be used in our branding. Our goal is to feature the work of local artists on our business cards in a way that is representative of our brand, Jorge Gonzalez Photography. We cannot wait to share these images with you in the near future!


Charisse Hazlett | Studio 54 Inspired Editorial Photoshoot

We had this idea of a Studio 54 styled shoot for a while and there wasn’t anyone better to do it than Charisse. We were able to put it all together thanks to the amazing talent of my dear friend and super talented stylist Deanne Nguyen. Gene Goh rocked the makeup and elevated the shoot to a whole new level. Our friends from Brown Hats threw in a couple of their gorgeous hats and that made the perfect combination for this Studio 54 editorial photoshoot. Thanks y’all! 


Julian Woodhouse | Editorial Photoshoot with Woodhouse Designer

Julian Woodhouse is the creative designer of Woodhouse, a menswear clothing line. As a 21st century renaissance man, Julian is achieving milestone after milestone in both his professional career as a designer as well as in his personal life. Julian recently showed his collection during the NYFW 2016 with an overwhelmingly positive response from the media and critics. In his personal life, Julian tied the knot with male model Krillian Kroch and looks forward to having an amazing and very stylish wedding in the US. Jorge Gonzalez took these editorial photos in the designer's house while he casually posed with his pet chicken.